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Looking At The Star Fox Easter Egg From Nintendo At E3

[youtube][/youtube] Cap Blackard writes, Nintendo snuck in a preview of what might be a new gameplay mode forthcoming Star Fox for Wii U under the name "Project Guard". While they didn't show off the new Star Fox at E3 this year; they did showcase two tech demos being worked on by Shigeru Miyamoto – one of which featured a […]

Talking To The Art Director Of Planetside 2 At E3

[youtube][/youtube] Cap Blackard writes, Planetside has set a precedent for fast-paced, fun first-person-shooter MMOs. Planetside 2 picks up the pace and now that it's headed to PS4, couch-bound FPS fans have a lot to look forward to. We talk with the game's Art Director about what fans can expect and upcoming features for all versions of Planetside 2.

Talking To The Designers Of H1Z1 – And Then Getting To Grips With The Zombies At E3

[youtube][/youtube] Cap Blackard writes, H1Z1 brings the experience of truly surviving a zombie apocalypse to gamers. Imagine a large-scale world where you have to not only fend off zombies but hunger and other human players who want just what you want: to stay alive. It's all about hunting, foraging, and making uneasy alliances with whatever humans are left.  […]

Talking To NAMCO Bandai About Lords Of The Fallen At E3

[youtube][/youtube] Cap Blackard writes, When it comes to brutally challenging medieval fantasy games – Brandon is a masochist.  So he's the perfect candidate to pass judgement on NAMCO Bandai's latest exploration of the genre: Lords of the Fallen and grill the game's Executive Producer.

Talking To Alientrap About Apotheon At E3

[youtube][/youtube] Cap Blackard writes, Turns out the Ancient Greeks designed sidescrollers WAY before video games. Apotheon by Alientrap takes classical Grecian art to its logical conclusion in a bloody, God-slaying platformer.

Talking To Battlecry About Battlecry At E3

[youtube][/youtube] Cap Blackard writes, Battlecry is the eponymous debut from Battlecry studios – a new studio with an amazing pool of talent from games with amazing pedigree.  It's an action-based multiplayer with fun factor through the roof and a unique setting: a world with no gunpowder where tech and sword rule.

Nerdy Show At E3 – The Future Of Nintendo

Cap Blackhard writes from E3, E3 has truly begun! The convention doors have been thrown open wide and we've raided the halls of valuable information and hands-on experiences. We tried out Fable: Legends, Shape Up, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes, Apotheon, Broforce, and EarthNight. And we saw live demos of Metal Gear […]

The Nerdy Show – Bleeding Cool At E3 (Day Zero Audio)

Cap Blackard writes for Bleeding Cool,Last year’s E3 was all about the new hardware.  This year it’s all about the new hardware proving itself with games, games, games!This episode of Nerdy Show chronicles Day Zero of E3: Four colossal press conferences where the stage is set for the next-gen goodies awaiting us when the show[...]

E3: Talking To Brian Burleson About Aliens: Colonial Marines

Nerdy Show reports from E3 for Bleeding Cool.[youtube][/youtube]Without a doubt, one of the games we’re most excited about is Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines It’s an official, canonical part of the series.  We talk to Senior Producer, Brian Burleson in front of the ACTUAL alien queen and get a feel for just how deeply this[...]

E3: Talking To Doug Panter About Young Justice: Legacy About How The New Game Bridges The Seasons

Nerdy Show reports from E3 for Bleeding Cool.[youtube][/youtube]Little Orbit’s forthcoming Young Justice: Legacy bridges the five year gap between season 1 and 2 It’s written by show creators, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti and promises to be an integral part of the story Find out more in our interview with Little Orbit.Hear more of our[...]

E3: Talking To Adam Urbano Of Injustice: Gods Among Us About Wonder Woman's Pants

[youtube][/youtube]Nerdy Show reports from E3 for Bleeding Cool.The most talked about superhero game at E3 was the recently announced Injustice: Gods Among Us, a DC Universe fighting game, made by the guys behind Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm We interview Adam Urbano, the game’s Senior Producer searching for hints at Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti’s storyline and[...]