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Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight #1 featuring Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Night from Panini UK and DC Comics.
But with UK newsstands still open — 40% of WH Smiths at least – it does remain a viable printing and distribution solution, especially in these times Similarly, the likes of Viz, Phoenix, 2000AD, Judge Dredd and the other American reprint comic books continue to have comic book distribution in the UK Is it possible[...]
Alterna Launches Kickstarter For Newsprint Comics So Short, You Almost Missed It!
If you've been following Bleeding Cool recently, you know that publisher Alterna has already inked a global newsstand distribution deal for their upcoming line of newsprint comics aiming to put comic books back in places where people who don't already buy comics might see them, and make them affordable enough that potential new readers won't die laughing[...]
Marvel Comics Saying Goodbye To Newsstand?
You know, when they said that the tablets were the new newsstand, I don't think we considered one would actually be replacing the other quite so soon. Breaking the story on Barnes & Noble no longer selling single Marvel comics (but still selling DC, Dark Horse, Archie and the like) seems to have expanded into[...]
Diamond Drops Marvel UK Titles
My first superhero comic book I remember buying was a copy of the Fantastic Four weekly in the early eighties, reprinting Lee and Kirby Fantastic Four in
Tuesday Trending Topics: Paper Chase
It's hard not to draw a symbolic link between one of today's trending topics and one of yesterday's — particularly with Mark Waid's nostalgic Youtube remembrance of his earliest days of buying comics off the newsstand and starting the comic book collection he is selling now to help fund his digital endeavors. Having countless similar childhood[...]
Marvel "Greatly Reduces" Newsstand Distribution
It was seen as a solid way to "get them when they were young", expanding out, beyond the traditional comic store. But of late, Marvel has been calling digital the "new newsstand" So what happens to the old one? I now understand that Marvel is all but withdrawing from newsstand distribution The phase is a "greatly reduced" newsstand[...]
Monday Trending Topics: Marvel Launches A Marvel Family Title, DC Doesn't
And the new look for Animal Man. Marvel To Change The Face Of Newsstand Comics The titles I have so far are Marvel Adventures, Marvel Chronicles, Marvel Classics, Marvel Essentials, Marvel Family, Marvel Heroes, Marvel Icons, Marvel Initiative, Marvel Knights, Marvel Legends, Marvel Milestones, Marvel Power, Marvel Redux, Marvel Select, Marvel Silver, Marvel Spotlight, Marvel Techno and[...]
1936: An Industry On The Brink
Google's Life Magazine archive has been a treasure trove of images of comics on the newsstand and elsewhere, and even flickr has turned up some interesting surprises (here's the best picture of comics being sold in the 1940's that I'm aware of, for example). New stuff in this area continues to turn up at a[...]