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Things To Do In New York This Week If You Like Comics
Featuring artist and tent-show conceptualist Jason Robert Bell with comicbook writer and pop lecturer Adam McGovern, it's a panopticon of staged conversation, video, cosplay and hallucination you can take all your ancestors to!" Wednesday, June 18th Forbidden Planet at 832 Broadway in New York will host a signing by Dean Haspiel, Chris Miskiewicz, Nick Bertozzi, Paul Pope, and[...]
Why The Grand Comics Fest In Brooklyn Ensures The Survival Of Comics
Both are members of Hang Dai Studios in neighboring Gowanus, Brooklyn. To their left was another major player in the New York-based comics scene and School of Visual Arts faculty member Nick Bertozzi, whose new graphic novel Shackleton, is poised for release from First: Second. [Bertozzi examines a mysteriously massive and reputedly very expensive fold-out comic by[...]
School of Visual Arts Seniors Graduate Today – Preview The Comics Of Tomorrow!
Her instructor, cartoonist Nick Bertozzi, she said, helped her discover ways in which to tell the story in her own style without feeling bound to including heavy historical detail if it wasn't suited to the narrative. Steph Bailey has been spending a great deal of time completing her senior project, an original story featuring a Conquistador's[...]
Hang Dai Studios Announces MoCCA Fest Anthology Debut – Plus Preview
It's a good sign for MoCCA Fest as a whole when such strong indie works choose the show as their debut focus. Hang Dai Studios have kindly provided Bleeding Cool with an advanced look at the comics included in the anthology, along with a one panel preview for each: Lonesome Bravato, by  Christa Cassano Schmuck: Raising the Bar,[...]