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Bulletman Flies Into Action At Heritage Auctions Today
Debuting in Nickel Comics to some controversy at the time since the cost of that comic was 5 cents and 32 pages, at a time when most comics were 10 cents and 64 pages, he was one of the stars of the Fawcett Comics era He has also made a few appearances in modern DC[...]
Nickel Comics #5 featuring Bulletman, (Fawcett 1940).
Created by Fawcett Publications editor/writer Bill Parker and artist Jon Smalle, Bulletman debuted in the launch of the series Nickel Comics (cover-dated May 1940).  The character Jim Barr was the son of a police officer killed on the job, who wanted nothing more than to follow in his father's footsteps.  But he found he was[...]