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Printwatch: Action Comics, Lazarus Planet, Night Club & Spawn Get 2nds
As is Night Club #2 by Mark Millar and Juanan Ramirez from Image Comics and Netflix. No covers to show for any of thee yet though So I just "recoloured" the Action Comics #1051 cover for illustrative purposes. SPAWN UNWANTED VIOLENCE #1 (OF 2) 2ND PTG IMAGE COMICS DEC228576 (W) Todd McFarlane (A/CA) Mike Del Mundo MINISERIES PREMIERE Information can be one[...]
Swipe File: Mark Millar's Nighht Club Vs Mike Baron's Night Club
Last month, Mark Millar's new series Night Club with Juanan Ramírez which he had been promoting for almost one whole year, was published by Netflix and Image Comics A vampire comic in which "a group of unsuspecting 17-year-olds is bitten by a vampire and suddenly imbued with superheroic powers. The story unfolds as it asks: Now what?[...]
PrintWatch: Night Club & Godkiller Get Second, Rogue State Gets Third
PrintWatch: Second prints for Night Club and Godkiller, and a third printing for Rogue State in this week's PrintWatch runaround. PrintWatch: Night Club #1 by Mark Millar and Juanan Ramírez has gone to a second printing "Just a thank you from me to all the comic stores and readers who got behind this comic and really[...]
Mark Millar's Night Club - What If Vampires Wanted To Be Superheroes?
It's going to be massive so get in on it now. SyfyWire ran the news earlier today, What's Night Club about? The central premise is a group of teenagers get bitten by vampires and gain all the related powers we traditionally associate with the blood suckers Where this one diverges from most vampire stories is that[...]