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Archie Goodwin's Nightmask Joins Marvel Unlimited
Now, read the original Nightmask as the 1986 New Universe series by Archie Goodwin and a number of other writers and artists is available for the first time on Marvel Unlimited A press release details the other classic comics that hit the service in July: With July's update, Marvel Unlimited will also be expanding its back[...]
Preview Art From Starbrand & Nightmask – And Someone's Had A College Makeover
And he's found a friend at college… welcome to our first look at Starbrand & Nightmask, another new relaunch from Marvel Comics. Beings of unspeakable power Former Avengers Cosmic entities who have defended Earth at the far reaches of the cosmos Yet their greatest adventure is upon them – going to college! Today, Marvel is pleased[...]
Diversity An Important Issue For Marvel's New College Comic Starbrand And Nightmask
Time to knock that down to 8. Marvel have given CBR the PR to announce their new series Starbrand & Nightmask, taking two characters from the old Marvel new Universe line, as reinvented for the Avengers titles by Jonathan Hickman. And it's coming from Gargoyles' and Kanan's Greg Weisman and Dominike Stanton. And its a college campus comedy,[...]