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TV Heathers Red Band Trailer Offers First Look at Shannen Doherty Starz Petitions FCC for a Big Apple Return to Optimum History Sets Global Soccer Programming Extravaganza in Run-Up to World Cup (EXCLUSIVE) "The History channel is capitalizing on the global appeal of soccer with 'History of Football,' two weeks of worldwide and localized programming celebrating the beautiful game[...]
Starz Petitions FCC for a Big Apple Return to Optimum
Starz has filed two petitions with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a move to legally require Altice to restore the channels to their NYC-based Optimum Systems In the first petition, Starz argues that Altice broke FCC rules by removing the channels before the 30-day notice period The second petition asks the commission to require[...]
Starz, Altice USA Keep 2018 Resolution to Offer Customers Less
At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2018, Starz and Encore channels were stripped away from Altice's 4.9 million subscribers in the New York area as well as in several Midwestern states. Altice argues that Starz is looking for a rate hike level that would force them to charge subscribers more than what Starz's stand-alone[...]