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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #277 Review: No Ordinary Joe
Credit: IDW The military policeman Law and his canine colleague Order didn't see a lot of front line action One would not expect them to be parachuted down into danger zones alongside some of the team's better-known names, but if they qualified for this elite task force, you'd have to expect that they are (pardon the[...]
Warren Ellis Thunderbolts Hits 99c On ComiXology
Working its way around the world, until it hits the US and goes official, it looks like Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato's Thunderbolts run that span out of Civil War will be hitting 99 cents on Monday morning… it's already at 69p in the UK. And it's joined by Warren Ellis Forum member Matt Fraction with[...]
Where To Score The Best Deals On DC's New 52?
Here are a few… Midtown Comics of New York will give you 40% off if you order the complete 52 book bundle Though you need to order very soon And for those who don't preorder, you can buy all the DCs out each week for 25% off the set. Dragon's Den of Poughkeepsie lets people who prepay[...]