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Forever Reading Forever Evil – JLA #8, Pandora #4, Rogues Rebellion #1
I mean who, aside from psychopaths, could ever match up to that? Talking of which, Pandora is valiantly trying… to put things back in Pandora's box Though she has to start by actually repairing Pandora's box Which brings up a question. There's an old joke of Isaac and Esther that comes to mind… But it's also reflected in[...]
A Blight On The DC Universe – A New Evil Comes Forward In Forever Evil
His search brings him to the notice of a new evil in the DC Universe… Blight. DC teased the new character and gave some images from the upcoming issue on their website along with a list of issues where the battle with Blight will take place from now until March of 2014. PART 1 – JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #24 PART[...]
Nineteen Thoughts About Nineteen Comics – Judge Dredd, KISS Kids, Aphrodite IX, Thunderbolts, Wonder Woman, Nova, X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Vibe, Justice League Of America, Pandora, Indestructible Hulk, Daredevil, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Mice Templar, Thief Of Thieves, Batman And Nightwing And BPRD
Hands up who'd like to watch that? Thank you, Pandora. Looks like Mark Waid has been watching his Doctor Who here Fixed points, self-correct and whatnot And a useful understanding of the current state of Marvel time travel… and what it might mean for All New X-Men Although in Daredevil, Waid seems to be channeling Kieron[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today's Comics – Batwing, Shadowman, Avengers, Deadpool Kills Deadpool, Ten Grand, Dexter, Pandora, Phantom Stranger, Transformers, GI Joe, Victories, Emily And The Strangers, Abe Sapien, Batman Inc, 47 Ronin And Dark Skullkickers
But since it's from the original books, which departed early from the show, maybe this is just softening people up for divergence from the more culturally prevalent form. Trinity Of Sin: Pandora tells the story of the world, the DC Universe, as the Sins loosed by Pandora twist and turn history There does seem to be[...]
So What's Happening With The Question Then?
The Phantom Stranger is being renamed Trinity Of Sin: The Phantom Stranger. Now we have Trinity Of Sin: Pandora. Can Trinity Of Sin: The Question be far behind? After all, two Trinity books without a third does seem rather lacking… and there was a little bit of a potential tiny tease at the DC ECCC panel that just[...]
Ray Fawkes And Daniel Sampere On Pandora Comic For DC New 52
Ray Fawkes is to write a new monthly DC New 52 comic, Trinity Of Sin: Pandora with Daniel Sampere on art. Pandora was there at the end of Flashpoint and the beginning of the New 52, appearing in every issue one, and seemed to be responsible for merging the timelines of DC, Wildstorm and Vertigo together[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: WAR GODDESS #12 – It All Ends Here
The epic final issue of Mike Wolfer's War Goddess! It's a desperate, all-out showdown on the streets of San Francisco between the War Goddess Pandora and the blood-thirsty villainess from the dark matter dimension! Abandoned by the spider-like Widow, the fate of the city- and possibly the world- lies in the hands of the Girl Of[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week – War Goddess #8
Get ready for War Goddess #8, in stores today! In issue #8, the war goddess Pandora is hunting for the dark matter entity that ripped its way into our dimension and unleashed the threat of Satheeno (see the previous story arc of issues #5-8 for more on that story) Tracking the entity to an offshore oil[...]
Breaking Pandora's Code – Raven, Zealot And Shazam!
And who posted on the General, Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark boards, under the name Pandora Here are her online witterings, in order. Behold, the original sinner has returned. Soon, the third will be revealed. The Third Sinner Comes I have sinned and been revealed. Behold, the third is coming with the clouds Every eye shall see him and[...]
Separated At Birth: Pandora And Zealot
Pandora, drawn by Carlos D'Anda but created by Jim Lee. And Zealot from WildCATS, by Jim Lee, also created by Jim Lee. Okay, it's not going to be her, odds are considering her relationship with The Phantom Stranger in this issue, that she'll be the original Pandora, the very first woman in Greek myth But there[...]
Seven Pages Of Pandora In Tomorrow's Justice League #6
I've been told that in tomorrow's Justice League #6, the only one of the New 52 titles shipping tomorrow, ynot only do you get 23 pages of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee Justice League, along with what my source refers to as "a bit of a John Byrne cheat", but there are seven pages of[...]
James Cameron's Avatar Comic On The Way… Time To Check Those Trademarks
I understand that an unknown publisher has a licence for comic books set in the world of James Cameron's Avatar, and is getting submissions from a number of artists. It is probably worth pointing out that Bleeding Cool owner, Avatar Press has trademarked the hell out of that name for comics. Not to mention their title Pandora,[...]