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Preview Cult Hit Nightworld: Midnight Sonata – A 'Death Race On The Road To Redemption'
Paolo Leandri and Dom Regan's art on the series and the wide-spectrum intense colors will assault and mesmerize your senses. Nightworld is described thus: It's fast and furious Faustian action as a trio of demons—the noble Plenilunio, the hellraising Hotspot and the haughty Hellena—battle the evil Empyre and each other over mythic artifacts to lift their curse![...]
Preview Image Book Nightworld Inspired By Kirby And Bava Monster Movies
The Italian horror tradition influenced creator-owned project Nightworld went to Kickstarter less than a year ago, succeeded, and now has been picked up by Image Comics in a dream come true for writer Adam McGovern and artist Paolo Leandri They began tossing around ideas and sketches for the comic in 2005, and it was a[...]
Waking Up From the Dream Project: NIGHTWORLD Rises at Last?
McGovern and Paolo Leandri collaborated on two issues of the comic early on, then went on a long hiatus, always intending to return to it For both, it was still a "living comic" even as other projects took them on professional detours. McGovern and Leandri first collaborated on the Ignatz Award-nominated Dr Id: Psychologist of the[...]