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Ben Templesmith Announces Móðir
Ben Templesmith posted the news to Facebook, a new comic book called Móðir or Modir of you prefer, to be published via Patreon, saying "Móðir Coming Soon ( with advance copies maybe for a convention ) now showing for the #squidarmy patreon( link in bio )." Here's that link Here's how Templesmith describes his Patreon process. I'm[...]
Stjepan Šejić Debuts The Queen and the Woodborn Today on Patreon
Among those titles is The Queen and the Woodborn, which Šejić plans to debut on his Patreon tomorrow In the meantime, he took to Twitter to preview the upcoming series to his fans. Stjepan Šejić debuts The Queen and the Woodborn on Patreon Credit: @stjepansejic on Twitter Stjepan Šejić wrote to his Twitter followers: tomorrow i start a fairy[...]
Patreon, the crowdfunding service that allows patrons to support their favorite artists, writers,  journalists, or other creative types with a small monthly pledge in exchange for exclusive content or rewards, is making a change to its fee structure. The service has become popular in the comics industry, where across the board as a general rule, nobody[...]
dave proch
Having recently launched a Patreon, he has included as its top tier ($100 per month) a chance to work with the artist, who will draw and colour a 5 x 17 inch strip, which can be any number of panels as long as it fits in that size. This means a chance for a writer to[...]
You Can Support Otis Frampton For Just "A Little More Money Than A Side Of Guacamole"
Otis Frampton, creator of Image Comics, Oddly Normal, artist on How it Should Have Ended, and all around Star Wars advocate has made his way onto Patreon. I'm on Patreon! Just 3 BUCKS! Less than a latte at Starbucks and a little more than a side of guacamole at Chipotle — Otis Frampton 💬 (@otisframpton) May 2, 2016 For just $3 a[...]
Take A Trip Into The Weird With A Black Hole Wizard
We've just launched a Patreon in support of the project We'll be churning out pages no matter how much we make on Patreon, but every dollar helps justify Eliza's time away from her other paying projects  If you're attending Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this month, come find us at Artist Alley booth #U-03[...]
We Be Geeks Episode 107: Living Convergence With David Gallaher & Steve Ellis
They talked about their comics, as well as their Patreon They talked a little about their upcoming Green Lantern Corps comic for DC comics They also shared their thoughts on their favorite Green Lantern characters, and how they each told their own stories You won't want to miss a single second of this podcast. Subscribe today on iTunes and Stitcher and[...]
Raising Money for Comics – Funding your Dream Projects With A Pinch Of Salt
Just remember to take your time; whilst the temptation is to jump in, make sure to be entirely sure of what you need, and be entirely honest with yourself, and your potential funders. Another method now on the rise is Patreon. Patreon is similar to crowdfunding, but without a specific end goal project Instead, fans can become[...]