You Can Support Otis Frampton For Just "A Little More Money Than A Side Of Guacamole"

Otis Frampton, creator of Image Comics, Oddly Normal, artist on How it Should Have Ended, and all around Star Wars advocate has made his way onto Patreon.

For just $3 a month, we can get access to Otis Frampton's "work diary," and here's what that includes…

"Oddly Normal: Working on my Image Comics graphic novel series takes up most of my working life and you'll get a front row seat to see how I create it!

ABCDEFGeek: The third volume of my geek alphabet series is coming to a close and you'll get to see the new entries before anyone else. You'll also get to see some behind the scenes material for upcoming animated episodes of the series!

How It Should Have Ended: I'll show you how I create the backgrounds (and characters, when they need me to do that) for this awesome web series!

An As-Yet-Untitled Comic Project: I'll be hitting the ground running on a new comic project very soon and you'll be there from the start. Check out my Patreon banner for a sneak peek at one of the images from this new comic!

AND… once a month I'll post hi-res line art from a piece I've drawn that can be printed out and used as an activity/coloring page for kids (and some adults, let's be honest here).

AND… once a month I'll either post a hi-res version of a previously drawn piece that can be printed out OR create a brand new piece of artwork that can be downloaded and printed out by Patreon backers. I'll create the new pieces live on my YouTube channel so you can watch me draw and color it from start to finish."

That "Untitled Comic Project" is enough for me to sign up! I'll tell you that much. I think this is a really great opportunity to get behind a great creative individual. I've seen other comic book writers/artists on the site. Jim Zub is one example. It's definitely worth browsing to find out who you can support.

Also, the fact that he has started Oddly Normal Book 4 today, well, I need to see as much material from that as possible. For more information head on over to now.

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