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Paul B Rainey Wins Observer Jonathan Cape Prize About Meeting Madonna
In 2013, Paul B Rainey wrote in response to a Guardian newspaper feature profiling a number of cartoonists, saying "There are British cartoonists, you know." Seven years later, its sister Sunday newspaper The Observer seems to have noticed, as he has won this year's 13th Observer Jonathan Cape Comica Graphic Short Story Prize, retelling a[...]
Starman David Bowie Comic
Art from Paul B Rainey.   The Making of David Bowie's Starman, in Comic Book Form Art from Paul B Rainey. Memory Man and creator Paul B Rainey has a big new comics project with some big names involved, in one way or another Starman: The Man Who Sewed The World is a comic book adaptation[...]
For Those Who Need It, A Happy Ending For Rogue One, On Star Wars' 40th Anniversary
On the 40th anniversary of the first Star Wars film's release, Paul B Rainey, the critically acclaimed creator of comics such as Memory Man, Thunder Brother: Soap Division and the graphic novel There's No Time Like The Present, has created a very special post-credits scene for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that gives the lead characters a happy[...]