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Paul B Rainey Wins Observer Jonathan Cape Prize About Meeting Madonna
Paul Rainey states "my strip is called Similar To But Not, about a chance encounter I had in 1985" when Madonna walked into his pub, but the 17-year-old Paul was riven by parental insecurity And he has gone out to buy a newspaper to note his win Here is the winning story and the newspaper[...]
Paul Rainey's Jog On Appears on the Walls of The Centre MK in Milton Keynes
Paul Rainey is the creator of There's No Time Like The Present, Thunder Brother: Soap Division and Book of Lists and is an occasional contributor to Viz Comic His current big project, Why Don't You Love Me, appears regularly in ACES Weekly His new project however is a little more… public, in the centre of[...]
There's No Time Like The Present To Read No Time Like The Present
I have friends who enjoy Doctor Who without having a clue as to what might be coming next because they've never read the kind of newspaper, website or social media feed that might tell them. Which is why the world first shown to us in No Time Like The Present, the graphic novel by Paul Rainey,[...]
David Baillie And Oliver Scrute…
In celebration of Bleeding Cool-favourite David Baillie getting his first DC comic published in next week's Vertigo Black #1, here's a look at a collaborative comic, Oliver Scrute And The Magical Items Shoppe from seven-ish years ago. Written by David Baillie from a list of magical items suggested by Mike Carey, and with each panel drawn by[...]
Welcome To Thunder Brother: Soap Division
Paul Rainey has been self publishing his comics since the nineties, reaching a height of awareness with his Memory Man book But he never got grabbed by a major publisher, whether than be Jonathan Cape or Marvel Comics He just found new comics to write and draw. His latest is Thunder Brother: Soap Division, a comic that[...]