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Peter Sanderson Wonders Where His DC Comics Who's Who Omnibus Is...
Comic book archivist and researcher Peter Sanderson celebrated his birthday this weekend, and seemed to get a coincidental present through the post This past month saw the publication, simultaneously, of Marvel's Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition and the DC Comics' Who's Who Omnibus Vol 1, volumes that Sanderson devoted much of his[...]
Four Color Roots Part 5: A Misspent Youth At Early '90s Comic Cons
I couldn't quite dream of reading comprehensive trade paperback reprints of classic Marvel stories, so I had to be content with Peter Sanderson and Danny Fingeroth's Marvel Saga and 1991's later Spider-Man Saga, an impressively far-reaching "clip show" series that reprinted key moments in Marvel continuity, augmented by text These were about as good as[...]