Where's My Biopic? Actress Anna May Wong [OPINION]

When it comes to pioneers of Hollywood, one of the most overlooked until recently was Anna May Wong. She earned the distinction of being the first Chinese American Hollywood film star. Making the best of the opportunities the business presented her, she took the roles and performed to critical acclaim. The Cultural Struggle for Acceptance […]

Waterstones Gets Ready For Alan Moore On Friday

  So, Alan Moore is signing Fashion Beast at Waterstones, Piccadilly in London tomorrow, late afternoon. Waterstones has been putting out the signage. I understand that early queueage may be in order. I'll be there, obviously…

Friday. 4.30pm. What Better Time To Meet Alan Moore?

Expect some seriously dodgy excuses in London, Friday afternoon, office bosses. "I've got to leave the office early, my cat has phoned me to say he's sick." "I need to go and meet my mother, she's just come back from… Ipswich" "I want to beat the rush hour. But I'll come back into the office […]