Friday. 4.30pm. What Better Time To Meet Alan Moore?

Expect some seriously dodgy excuses in London, Friday afternoon, office bosses.

"I've got to leave the office early, my cat has phoned me to say he's sick."

"I need to go and meet my mother, she's just come back from… Ipswich"

"I want to beat the rush hour. But I'll come back into the office after the rush hour is over…"

Maybe you should just call it quits, and give everyone the afternoon off. Then get yourself over to Waterstone's Piccadilly, where at 4.30pm, Alan Moore will be signing copies of Fashion Beast, the graphic novel based on the screenplay he wrote with Malcolm McLaren at the same time he was writing Watchmen.

If you touch his beard, you will be cleansed of all impure thoughts.

See you there? And you could get your very own moment….


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