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Transformers: The Last Knight Made $60 Million More In China Than It Did In The U.S.

until next week, but it's already got an $18.9 million head start thanks to opening in some overseas markets early.Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales earned an additional $5.2 million domestically this weekend, behind The Mummy's $5.8 million, but Pirates 5's global total nearly doubles The Mummy's, $677.8 million to $342.1[...]

'Pirates 5' Has Been Kidnapped And Disney Won't Pay The Ransom

Pirates 5 hasn't been released yet so we're still weeks or possibly months away from knowing if the leak is going to effect the box office However, this series has made $3.72B worldwide and tends to bring on families They aren't the ones torrenting movies so whether the production is good or bad it's probably[...]