Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Political Career Suffers First Major Setback As Baywatch Set To Bomb At The Box Office


It's been less than a week since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson officially launched his 2020 presidential campaign, but it looks like, for voters and moviegoers, the honeymoon period is already over. Johnson was polling higher than incumbent Republican president Donald Trump earlier this month, but as moviegoers head to the box office to vote for Johnson's R-rated Baywatch reboot, early exit polls show the film is likely to earn just $26 million dollars for the entire Memorial Day weekend, following an estimated $6 million Friday. Baywatch has a reported budget of $68 million.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Why Is There A Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 is doing better, but not too much better. It's now expected to fall slightly short of the $80 million it was targeting this weekend, which was itself $10 million less than Pirates 4 made. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, on the other hand, is on track to make another $25.6 million, not only putting it in second place ahead of Baywatch, and putting its domestic total above the first GOTG's $330 million take.

The point is, moviegoers have smelled what The Rock is cooking, and they think it stinks. It's something Rocky seems to be having a difficult time digesting, as he took to Twitter in an almost Trumpian attempt to paint critics of the film as "fake news," bragging about his crowd size, and promoting his populist image as The People's Champion.

Johnson said that critics enjoyed the film, but trash it publicly for political reasons. We need to drain the swamp!

Already, crowds are starting to gather in protest, carrying signs readying "Rocky Sucks," "Die Rocky Die," and "Not My President," and clashing with supporters at rallies, according to exclusive photographic evidence obtained by Bleeding Cool:


Of course, the election is a long time away, and we may forget about everything else once Wonder Woman hits theaters next week, giving Johnson a chance to pivot and rebuilt his approval ratings. Hopefully, he doesn't do anything too risky while we… oh… oh no…


Why, Rocky, why?

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