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Published by WildStorm/DC in the nineties and noughties, it consisted initially of Tom Strong, Promethea, Tomorrow Stories Top 10 and The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen It remains a high point of DC Comics' publishing line over the decades Until Dunbier posted it, it had never been seen publicly before So Bleeding Cool transcribed it for[...]
Including encouraging people to guess who the three people who turned down drawing Promethea were, before JH Williams III accepted the role. Promethea was a grimoire disguised as a superhero comic book Drawing on both Wonder Woman and Moore's work on Rob Liefeld's Wonder Woman analogue Glory, it was one of the launch books from Moore's[...]
Swipe File: Doctor Fate And Promethea
And certain issues, such as the Promethea "sex issue" were heavily monitored for editorial guidelines. Issue 12 of Promethea was, and remains, a highlight, a history of magic, of life, of creation, through tarot cards, mixed up Scrabble tiles and a tale from Aleister Crowley, with JH Williams III double page spreads used to their full. Narrated by[...]
And Now… Watch JH Williams III's Artwork Animated In The New Blondie Video!
Williams III ( Sandman: Overture, Promethea, Bat Woman) for the new Blondie album, Ghosts of Download as the images for the front cover, back cover, and CD pamphlet were revealed on Williams' blog (with more to come) but today another bomb dropped when Blondie's video for the single "I Want To Drag You Around" went[...]
Aliens Vs Prometheus Vs Predator
Coming in June from Dark Horse Comics, a new comic book series that combined continuity of the Aliens, Prometheus and Predator films... UPDATE: Yeah,
The Sixteen Foot Long Absolute Promethea
From the JH Williams III panel, Eric Rezsnyak reports for Bleeding Cool that the Absolute Promethea Immateria volume will be published next year now, still sideways in the Scott Dunbier recommended version and will include amongst other details, issue twelve as one fold-out, panoramic panel sixteen feet long… From the JH Williams III panel, Eric[...]
Sideways Promethea Postponed, Along With Annotated Sandman
The Promethea Immateria, a hardcover collection collection all 32 issues of Promethea, sideways, preserving the double page spreads that were the signature of Alan Moore and JH Williams' grimoire-disguised-as-a-superhero comic, has been but on hold. It was due to be published in September but has now been withdrawn from the schedules, along with the Annotated Sandman[...]
Batwoman, Beauty And Advertising
Everything else is a house ad, scattered through the issue. Apart from Batwoman. Since the relaunch, Batwoman has specialised in storytelling through double page spreads, a style writer/artist JH Williams III developed on Promethea with Alan Moore, and had souught to replicate with other artists on the title as well This kind of comic is hard to[...]
The Last Nine Pages Of Flash #15, Together
Spoilers if you squint. This kind of trick is one you many have been more used to seeing in the likes of Promethea or Cerebus And it is something totally lost on the digital version… Along with Batwoman, The Flash from the pen of Francis Manapul, is one of the few DC New 52 comics that[...]
Sideways Absolute Promethea On Its Way
Back in the day, Wildstorm Editor-In-Chief Scott Dunbier planned to publish Promethea, in the Absolute format that he pioneered at DC Comics, sideways Preserving the double page spread that became JH Williams' signature, the book would be read landscape rather than portrait, without important story and artistic information being lost in the fold It would[...]