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'Rainbow Skies' Finally Gets A Release For All PlayStation Consoles
The game is essentially an RPG sequel of sorts to the 2012 game Rainbow Moon, but it's been sitting in development hell for the better part of four years Today, we finally got a trailer for the game revealing it will be released on PS3, PS4, and Vita, but still no official date for it to come[...]
Sweet Release! Alien Isolation, Costume Quest 2, NBA 2K15, DriveClub, Minecraft, October's Free Games
Dragon Age Inquisition, and Shadow of Mordor were slated for this week but both publishers decided moving would be in everyone's best interests.  But no fear as we're still left with a huge, diverse calendar.  From single player horror, to re-releases, and best of all your free games if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. After the disastrous Colonial Marines you'd think that Sega would've[...]