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Jeff Smith’s TUKI: Fight For Fire Kickstarter Campaign Debuts May 4
 Both books will be black and white, oversized, and landscape formatted (11.375" x 8.875") with approximately 144 pages each with a bonus material stretch goal. A preview page from TUKI. Making these new books black and white is keeping with the tradition of Smith's previous works, BONE, and RASL  Both new graphic novels are totally complete and ready to[...]
Thirteen Essential Holiday Gift Comics in 2013
This one is a gift for the local therapist, because the waiting room needs a little humor. RASL: Color Edition – Cartoon Books, September Fat colored hardcover of Jeff Smith's trippy series for adults All the quirks of Bone with a decidedly different sensibility The trivia about Nikolai Tesla fits right into the tastes of Teslamaniacs[...]
Glorious SPX: More Details Emerge about Jeff Smith's New Webcomic
 Our Washington DC Correspondent David Dissanayake writes; This weekend at SPX's Jeff Smith spotlight panel, the man of the hour gave a little more detail about his forthcoming webcomic series Tüki Save the Humans. The new webcomic from the creator of Bone and RASL will center on the first homo erectus to migrate away from the cradle[...]
Big Books Monday – Peter Pan, Rasl, Spumco And A Futurama Pizza
Lovely. Rasl by Jeff Smith from Cartoon Books is collecting the series previously mostly seen in black and white, and was from the get-go a seeming attempt of Smith not to be typecast and create something that was very much not-Bone A slow burn sci-fi story with vagrants, parallel worlds and multiple identities. This collected version is being[...]
Rasl, Glamourpuss And Rachel Rising – The New, Old Black And White Indie Boom
Three books out this week, one by Dave Sim, one by Jeff Smith, one by Terry Moore, all huge figures of the self publishing business for decades, and all back to putting out regular black-and-white work, away from their earlier, more famous work. First up, the interdimensional action romp Rasl from Jeff Smith gains a romantic[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Of Today's Comics – Superman, No Place Like Home, All Star Western, Wolverine And The X-Men, Teen Titans, Sixth Gun, Rasl, Justice League Dark, Flash, Dark Knight, Mondo, Prophet, Mighty Thor, Aquaman, I Vampire And Fantastic Four
I can accept Jeff Smith's art style on a darker book like Rasl, sketchier, dropping certain cartoony aspects to better convey the story, while retaining enough to keep the character relatable and the story to flow But the lettering, I so associate with Bone, it makes it hard to let go. Not a problem with Ted[...]
HeroesCon – The Bits Most People Missed
but isn't getting them yet. Jeff Smith – Rasl will continue until it reaches some 400 pages (12-15 issues), after which, he'll start another project, as well as the intended sequel to his recent Shazam mini-series for DC. Brain Bendis – he's compiling a Fortune And Glory-style series based on his Marvel experiences.  His movies are still[...]