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Issa Rae will host a new series of HBO's filmmaking reality show Project Greenlight, which will now be on HBO Max The 8-episode docuseries will now focus on the next generation of talented female filmmakers who are given the chance to direct a feature film Issa Rae will appear in every episode as an Executive[...]
Now YouTube, the distributor of his content, has removed him from their premium advertising program and canceled the second season of his reality show on YouTube Red. So what does this basically mean for the YouTube star? For starters, his income is going to be seeing a huge dent as he won't be prominently featured on[...]
A Real Superman Documentary From The Real Harry Potter
Both far too similar, both rather freaky, our favourite bits in bold, but totally worth reading until the end. First New York... Producer's Assistant for Real Superman Show (Downtown) compensation: Based on level of funding show has, compensation may start low but will rise as production progresses Hi, I am a reality show producer looking for an assistant for[...]