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'Recore: Definitive Edition' Is On The Way From Microsoft
A surprise for Recore fans at Gamescom as Microsoft showed off their 4K trailer for the Definitive Edition of the game, which will be released on August 29th The game will have HDR support when it is released for Xbox One X, as well as getting enhanced graphics for that version But the game isn't[...]
Check Out 10 Minutes Of Recore Gameplay
ReCore has been somewhat illusive in terms of unbroken gameplay There has been a lot of wondering about what the game actually is and how it would play, but worry no longer. While this isn't ideal footage, GameSpot have taken some offscreen video of the game in action It looks like a third person action game,[...]
ReCore Shows Off Bright Roboty Fun At Microsoft's E3 Conference
ReCore was announced last year at E3, so it's perhaps not surprising that it has turned up this year. We get a look at gameplay in this new trailer, and it looks pretty light and fun It feels pretty tonally different then what we say last year, with a fun, bouncy song, but I still dig[...]
ReCore Screenshots Leak With Supposed Release Date
More and more leaks. Keiji Inafune and Armature Studio's ReCore is now up to the chopping block These two screenshots have just hit, with a release date to accompany them This comes from the same person who leaked the Dead Rising 4 gif on NeoGAF, so it would seem they are pretty connected It is said[...]
ReCore And Sea Of Thieves Will Not Be At GamesCom
Two new major franchises at Microsoft's E3 press conference were ReCore and Sea of Thieves ReCore is coming from developer Armatage and MegaMan alum Keiji Inefune, while Sea of Thieves is Rare's new MMO Pirate game. If you were hoping to see either at Gamescom though, sadly, we won't be Speaking on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed[...]
Game Creator Goes Into Details About Recore
Recore was one of the most interesting surprises at Microsoft's E3 press conference Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune and Metroid Prime creator Armature Studios are working on the Xbox exclusive that's going to bring robots and a whole lot of sand together. We only got a trailer during the conference, but this new video from Xbox[...]