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Cover Variance –  C-3PO Black-And-White Arm And Millarworld Specials
The C-3PO comic book from Marvel intended to reveal the true story behind the droid's new red arm, as seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens – and that has been rather delayed as a result – is getting another boost to sales. Any retailers confident enough to order over a thousand copies will get one[...]
C-3PO Comic To Tell You How He Gets His Red Arm In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens licensed imagery has shown C-3PO with a Red Arm. In December, James Robinson and Tony Harris are going to tell you how he got it. With a Star Wars: C-3PO Special from Marvel Comics, announced on Any chance it might be from helping out with a particularly traumatic Rancor birthing?     [...]