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Kitty Pryde Is Not The Red Queen Of The Hellfire Club As Reported (Spoilers)
Including the members from the Hellfire Club, three as requested by Emma Frost. Herself, the White Queen, Sebastian Shaw, the Red King and… one other.   Some sites such as Comics Beat were sent digital versions of the comic book in advance by Marvel Comics (Bleeding Cool does not get such advance copies) and were able to use[...]
Kitty Pryde Will be the New Red Queen of The Hellfire club in Marauders
Solicitations that is, and the writer of The Marauders, Gerry Duggan… Who tweets out the word, just as The Marauders #1 is going to Final Order Cut-Off this weekend… We've been telling you for months who the Red Queen would be Folks, get your orders in for Marauders — Gerry Duggan (@GerryDuggan) September 25, 2019 So that's Kitty Pryde[...]
Green Arrow #36 Review: Let the Arrows Fly
Green Arrow needs a save by Black Canary and Henry from the bottom of the sea, where Ollie was left by his own mother. Shado is back in town, and she is gunning for Cyrus Broderick and Moira Queen too. Does this make for a good read?
A Much Better, Madder View Of Alice Through The Looking Glass
Alice, the Red Queen, the White Queen and the Mad Hatter, using everyone else as crowd filler and bringing in a few new star turns with Time and the Hatter's father along the way. Add to that a proper time travel storyline right out of Doctor Who  with a way to portray such a device that echoes[...]