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Reggie Is A Terrible Cupid – Reggie And Me #4
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] This week Archie Comics has dropped Reggie and Me #4, and with it a whole new set of problems for Riverdale's favorite bad boy, Reggie Mantle. It's no secret that Reggie has a crush on Midge–Moose's girlfriend It's also no secret that Moose will actually turn anyone who dare look at Midge with a romantic[...]
Reggie Vs. Moose: Reggie And Me 3
If you've been keeping up with this series, you know that Reggie is hopelessly in love with Midge. He's been trying everything in his play book to worm
The Jerk Prince: Reggie And Me #2
In his new series, Reggie and Me, writer Tom DeFalco and artist Sandy Jarrell attempt to make his antics more human, and sympathetic. As it stands in this series, everyone knows to steer clear of Reggie Everyone except Archie and Veronica, who in the previous issue threw a party the same night as one of his[...]
Dog's Eye View – Showing A Deeper Look At Reggie Mantle
Just had a chance to read the first issue of Reggie and Me #1 from Archie Comics The issue, that ships December 7th, is a story told by Vader, Reggie Mantle's dog This may be the only way that you could do a comic starring Reggie, from the point of view of someone that loves[...]
Archie To Launch Reggie And Me With Tom DeFalco And Sandy Jarrell
Archie Comics has announced that their next revamped series will be Reggie And Me by Tom DeFalco, Sandy Jarrell, Kelly Fitzpatrick and Jack Morelli It comes out this December and focuses on Reggie Mantle DeFalco says that Reggie is his favorite character… even though he's described as a self-aggrandizing egotist, a sinister super-villain, a merciless monster[...]