Reggie Is A Terrible Cupid – Reggie And Me #4

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Reggie Is A Terrible Cupid – Reggie And Me #4

This week Archie Comics has dropped Reggie and Me #4, and with it a whole new set of problems for Riverdale's favorite bad boy, Reggie Mantle.

It's no secret that Reggie has a crush on Midge–Moose's girlfriend. It's also no secret that Moose will actually turn anyone who dare look at Midge with a romantic eye to sand. Reggie is not terrible interested in getting his ass kicked by Moose, so he swipes Archie's phone and starts texting Midge a slew of romantic texts (such as professing his love) and starts sending her expensive gifts anonymously. Of course Midge (nor Moose) thinks it's sweet. In fact it's creepy and "stalkerish." And of course, it pisses Moose off! And why shouldn't it? Reggie offers to help Moose find said stalker (really, he's setting Archie up) but chances are this will backfire beautifully.


But is Reggie all that bad? Tom DeFalco would probably rather you think he wasn't awful. DeFalco has created one helluva sad back story for Reggie. Growing up his parents didn't have time for him, which caused abandonment issues with Reggie. It's clear he's still dealing with these emotions. He doesn't have any friends outside of his dog, as he's a master at pushing people away. To me it just seems like a real cry for help, and I (can't believe I'm saying this) but I genuinely feel bad for him. Sandy Jarrell is an exceptional artist who pays attention to detail, especially with faces. Midge looks visibly annoyed by her "stalker", which adds to her overall fear (stalkers are scary lets be real).

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