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Coco (2017) Miguel (voiced by Anthony Gonzalez)
The main song 'Remember Me' is a shoe-in to win the Oscar for Best Original Song I am calling it now In every form, it is the best song from an animated film since 'You've Got A Friend In Me' The real showstopper for me, though, was 'Un Poco Loco' sung by Gonzalez and Bernal[...]
Remeber Me 2 Is Written, It Just Needs Capcom's Say So To Become A Reality
Remember Me struck me as a game with a ton of potential that stumbled a little on the execution Not disastrously mind, but it had an original concept and some really smart gameplay mechanics that've just failed to linger in people's minds. It's exactly the kind of game I want to see a sequel from as[...]
Playstation Universe and Dark Horse Comics Tease "Amazing Competition"
Now, since this is just a teaser of the upcoming event, they focused more on the prizes which included for Week One the hard cover Art Of Remember Me (200 pages of concept art, deleted scenes and character designs) and the Dragon Age graphic novel written by David Gaider one of Bioware's lead writers and tells[...]