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New GI Joe Retro Collection Has Arrived from Hasbro
Destro, Roadblock, and Scarlett return once again all with updated mold and corresponding accessories They will all be a feature in classic retro packaging with a card back and will include a display base perfect for out of package collectors The excitement for the Joes does not stop there as Cobra returns with their classic[...]
GI JOE Classified Series - Posed 2
Joe Classified figures will include the new figure, Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, and Destro He, of course, already had a special edition figure released earlier this year to kick off the line, as a Hasbro Pulse exclusive This version will not come with anywhere close to the number of accessories as that one, but he does[...]
asbro Revolution SDCC Set 1
Many characters in this set are making their debut in the 3-3/4" figure format, and for the first time, characters from these brands are presented in a scale that allows the entire Universe to be played together! Includes JETFIRE from TRANSFORMERS, ROADBLOCK from G.I JOE, ACTION MAN, a team of MICRONAUTS, MATT TRAKKER from M.A.S.K[...]