Revolution From IDW And Hasbro Gets An Awesome SDCC Figure Mega-Set

Revolution, the cross-over event from IDW involving all of the various Hasbro properties from last year, showed all of us what a shared universe with all of them would look like. Hasbro has been working diligently to bring them all together in film-form as well, but for now we have the Revolutionaries title coming monthly, along with various crossovers like the upcoming ROM/Transformers series and First Strike. Now, for SDCC, a giant box set of figures is coming as well.

REVOLUTION Comic Crossover Preview Mega-Set

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

When characters from different story worlds come together in a single storyline, they call it a crossover. For this event, they needed something bigger. MUCH bigger. Celebrate the beyond epic IDW Revolution crossover event with the REVOLUTION Comic Crossover Preview Mega-Set convention exclusive. Featuring 16 characters from seven story worlds, this set serves as a prelude to IDW's upcoming REVOLUTION: FIRST STRIKE sequel set for later this year. Many characters in this set are making their debut in the 3-3/4" figure format, and for the first time, characters from these brands are presented in a scale that allows the entire Universe to be played together! Includes JETFIRE from TRANSFORMERS, ROADBLOCK from G.I. JOE, ACTION MAN, a team of MICRONAUTS, MATT TRAKKER from M.A.S.K. MOBILE ARMORED STRIKE COMMAND, LEORIC from VISIONARIES and ROM and a DIRE WRAITH from ROM THE SPACEKNIGHT. The REVOLUTION Comic Crossover Preview Mega-Set will be for sale during San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Following the convention, a limited number will be available on

First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. Let it never be said (especially in these last couple years) that Hasbro goes cheap with their packaging. All the major players from Revolution are represented here: ROM, Transformers, GI Joe, Action Man, MASK, Micronauts, everything. The box flap as info on the crossover and character bios.

asbro Revolution SDCC Set 1Here are the figures in a big group shot. I gotta say, when I saw this I geeked out hard. Like most of their 3 3/4 inch figures, they come with nameplate bases with etched logos, and everything is full of accessories as well.

Representing Transfomers is Jetfire, a personal favorite of mine. The sculpt looks awesome, I prefer my displays to be in robot form, so that is pretty much how he will be staying on my shelf in that pic. Roadblock gets a new figure here from GI Joe, and barring funky paint apps, this one looks pretty dang sweet.

Finally an Action Man! That comic was severely underrated, and the figure looks great. Hasbro has really stepped their game up on sculpts these last couple years, and all the intricate details on his gear looks fantastic. Matt Trakker from MASK has as much detail and looks just as good.he will keep his helmet on when in combat on my shelves at home, because it completes the look for me, but the face sculpt is spot-on.

Every figure can't be perfect however, and for me ROM is not looking so hot here. I don't know, I like ROM, but in figure form he just always does nothing for me. The Dire Wraith however has an awesome sculpt with the arms and creepy smile making it stand-out in the entire pack. Your eyes go right to it.

Hasbro-Revolution-SDCC-Set-10Visionaries! So cool that they are joining the fray here, and out of all the smaller figures here, he will be the most sought after on the aftermarket if I bet on such things. Again: great job on the details on this one.


Finally: the Micronauts! These are pretty neat to have, but since the scale is so small they are hard to get really detailed with. Kudos to them for their work here however, they all have unique looking paint apps that are pretty impressive for such small figures. They will look neat dotted around all the others in a display.

This Revolution box set will be available first at SDCC this month, then also at FanExpo Canada later this year, and on Hasbro Toy Shop after SDCC. It will run you $100, but look at everything inside. That is a pretty great deal. I will be looking to get my hands on this and when I do expect a close look at everything inside.


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