Role Playing

Nostalgia Drives the Adventure with Forbidden Lands

Think Mad Max, but with monsters and spells.The game is intentionally reminiscent of old pen-and-paper role playing games, and there are systems and charts in place for everything from character fame, progression, and even building strongholds and hiring retainers.On paper, combat gets a little bogged down with special mechanics involving slow and fast actions, but[...]

Leveling Up Your Dungeon Mastery: Pre-Game

Role-playing games have been a big part of my life for nearly four decades: I was introduced to them by a sixth-grade teacher who leveraged my love of the fantasy genre against my disinterest in school, and I haven't looked back since. That beat-up old red box got a lot of mileage, and I've made […]

Bleeding Cool Tabletop: An Interview with Joseph A. McCullough

Joseph A. McCullough hit the table top world in a big way with the release of Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City in 2015. Frostgrave earned multiple awards and a loyal following since its publication. Mr. McCullough followed up Frostgrave's launch with several folios, novels, and accessories. His follow-up setting, Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, saw […]

Review: Dungeons & Dragons — Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

Seven months ago, after we received the new Dungeons & Dragons book Xanatha's Guide To Everything, those of us playing the game assumed we probably wouldn't see a new rulebook be added to the compendium for a while. Then, kinda out of the blue, Wizards of the Coast announced Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. It's not odd, […]

Familiar Settings and New Options: We Review Pathfinder on Roll 20

Roll 20 has primarily been known for the work they do with Dungeons & Dragons over the years, along with several other tabletop games, in providing a digital playing area with all the accessories needed to pull off the game in one application. But the latest addition should make people who may have branched away […]

How Boogers Above A Urinal Gave Me An Idea

Ted Leaman writes for Bleeding Cool: It's said that inspiration can be found anywhere. I didn't really think too deeply about that saying until Gen Con 2013. I had been trolling the exhibit hall looking at different mapping options for several hours. Paper maps, 3D terrain, 3D castings, large vinyl battle maps… There were tons […]