Rosemary's Boyfriend

A.P. Bio Episode 10 Durbin Crashes Review: I Am Jacks Time to Go Home

A.P. Bio Episode 10 'Durbin Crashes' Review: I Am Jack's Time to Go Home

Bio! Looking at the synopsis for tonight's 'Durbin Crashes,' I'm hoping the show stays on course and doesn't fall into any old The Odd Couple cliches, as we share our thoughts on the episode below.But first, here’s a highlight from last week's episode 'Rosemary's Boyfriend'; and an overview of 'Durbin Crashes': A.P[...]

A.P. Bio Episode 9 Rosemarys Boyfriend Review: I Am Jacks Moms Boyfriend

A.P. Bio Episode 9 'Rosemary's Boyfriend' Review: I Am Jack's Mom's Boyfriend

After last week's "fall from grace" (it happens), here's hoping tonight's ninth episode 'Rosemary's Boyfriend' gets the series back on track...and how can you go wrong with Mr Keaton from Family Ties, right?But first, here's a highlight from and overview of tonight's episode: A.P[...]