The Bleeding Cool San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Rumour Checklist

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 will see so many announcements of so many different comic book projects – possibly some of those that we have talked about on Bleeding Cool in recent months. Here are a few of them, in a handwritten checklist so that you can jot down how many Bleeding Cool got right – and […]

Anthony Horowitz Responds To Philip Morris Over Doctor Who Showrunner Rumours

Yesterday, as part of a series of Facebook posts in which Doctor Who Missing Episode recoverer Philip Morris talked trash about Steven Moffat's run on the show, Morris reported what he claimed were well sourced rumours regarding Moffat's replacement on Doctor Who as showrunner, namely Anthony Horowitz.He then tweeted the rumour to UK journalists on[...]

Secret Origins, The New Ongoing From DC Comics

Yesterday, we ran some rumours about upcoming DC Comics titles Some were well sourced, others.. less so.But the original rundown from Tako seemed pretty reliable And the elaboration at 4chan less so Maybe as you might expect.Because Secret Origins #1 is not a one shot, it's a new ongoing series, telling the origins of the[...]

Rumour: Marvel Want Joseph Gordon Levitt To Be Their Doctor Strange

But you might want to add a few pinches of salt.This is after all rumours about who Marvel execs want and not about meetings actually taking place or deals being made Still, it's interesting to hear who Marvel may have in mind for the role and the direction they may be heading in Levitt's certainly[...]

Thor Sequel Rumoured To Really Get Around A Bit

According to rumours out of Russia, of all unexpected places, the action in Marvel's upcoming Thor sequel is going to take place across all of the Nine Realms of the Marvel polyverse's Asgardian dimenson.So that's Alfheim, Asgard, Hel, Jotunheim, Midgard, Muspelheim, Nidavellir, Svartalfheim and Vanaheim - a list I kind of want to sing to[...]

Avatar Sequels To Film In France? New Zealand? The Bottom Of The Ocean?

According to an interview with James Cameron by New Zealand's ONE News, he's decided to buy a farm on the Island and is going to move on down there to shoot Avatar 2 and 3. I've bought some property not far from Wellington, it's a beautiful farm… I don't think the nation should look to […]

The Evidence Is Piling Up – Will Sophia Myles Be Returning To Doctor Who?

Little Bleeder Nick Halliday has compiled a good number of indicators that Sophia Myles, who previously appeared as Reinette in The Girl in the Fireplace, will be making a return to Doctor Who. There's no smoking gun here but you'll probably be able to smell the smoke. Here are Nick's puzzle pieces. Doctor Who is […]

Moffat Sets Up Doctor Who Season Seven And A New Companion

(Welcome Facebook people… please tell us who has linked to us, because we're gettng massive traffc and we'd like to say thanks. And you can see more Bleeding Cool Doctor Who coverage here.) The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will tomorrow be playing The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, described in their schedule as: A musical celebration with […]