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5 Thoughts on Image Comic's Decorum #1 and #2
Decorum #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Mike Huddleston, Rus Wooton, and Sasha E Head, reviewed here by Hannibal Tabu, came out in May, Decorum #2 came out in June, and I have some thoughts on the far-future science fiction series thus far. Decorum by Hickman and Huddleston 1 I bought the first issue on the name value alone[...]
Robert Kirkman Sings His 'Oblivion Song' at Image Expo 2018
It's okay." ●  As for sales figures? Kirkman says they're doing fine — and wants "everyone aware of it 'til you're sick of it." Oblivion Song stems from Skybound through Image Comics, with Kirkman writing and Lorenzo De Felici handling artwork; as well as colors by Annalisa Leoni and letters by Rus Wooton[...]
Are You There Baal? It's Me, Mammon – The Black Monday Murders Vol. 01 Review
01 (out 1/25/17 from Image Comics by Jonathan Hickman, Tomm Coker, Michael Garland and Rus Wooton) is simultaneously a seriously intimidating graphic tome as well as being an absurd amount of bang for your buck (provided you're paying in American bucks and not worthless, worthless British pounds) It is so immense and packed full of everything it takes nearly[...]