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Advanced Death Saves
It also features work by some excellent talent from all corners of independent comics, including several first time creators: Tara Madison Avery, Kat Baumann, Mike Bernal, Kevin Budnik, Christopher Baggett, Chris "Chance!" Brown, Matteo Carlarino, Joel Carroll, Kevin Castaniero, Matt Digges, Taylor Esposito, Adrián Bago Gonzalez, Patrick Horvath, Mandy James, Ryan King, Maia Kobabe, Jonathan Lareva,[...]
Top Ten Horrific Reasons To Love WonderCon
Ryan King visited WonderCon last weekend for Bleeding Cool He does like things to get a little gorey And he i giving Bleeding Cool it's very first Top Ten list We'll have turned into Newsarama before you know it… In no particular order, here are the top ten reasons horror comic fans should have attended this[...]
Eric Powell Smirks Slyly To Ryan King About Assorted Goonery
Ryan King writes for Bleeding Cool He's been talking to Eric Powell at WonderCon. Ryan King: Allow me to begin by saying congratulations on the constant success of your Dark Horse comic series The Goon The quirky sense of humor, dark seriousness, and glorious monster mayhem make it a top of the pile read whenever an[...]