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Marvel's House Of Ideas Or Is That House Of Irony

Joe Glass writes for Bleeding Cool: On the very last day of NYCC 2013, at least one thing would just have to go wrong. It's the end of a LONG weekend, most of the guests and fans are extremely hungover and tired, and this extends to the tech and facilities of the convention centre, which […]

Two Secret Movies From Marvel: Crack This Puzzle And You'll Know What They Are

I hope you know your alphabet real well, not to mention the names of many Marvel comics that could become movies. Those two skills could be all you need to crack this little puzzle. Ryan Penagos is "the Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group and Marvel.com" and a master at teasing via social […]

Go, And Work For Marvel

It seems odd right now to be writing about job opportunities at Marvel… Associate Producer at Marvel, Harry Go is… going. And his boss Ryan Penagos needs a replacement. Ryan writes; "I'm looking for a few specific things. I need someone with solid graphic design skills and instincts. We tap the producer to make tons […]

Twinterview: A live interview on Twitter with Marvel's Agent_M

A few minutes ago, I talked on Twitter with Marvel.com editor Ryan Penagos, who posts as Agent_M. And then collated them all into this post! I'm calling this a Twinterview. I may well do more. BC: Ryan, Marvel recently announced large investments in digital. Are you currently spending it all on golden elephant statues? Agent_M: […]