Some Kind Of Avengers Hatch Is Outside Disneyland's Guardians Of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout Ride

The Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout ride has opened at Disneyland in California to much fanfare, and well, well, well…what do we have here? The ride is laden with Easter eggs and hailed by one James Gunn as "the start of the Marvel Theme Park Universe", or the MTPU, which will be a separate universe from the MCU proper. Gunn himself was very hands-on with the ride. Marvel Themed Entertainment Creative Director Brian Crosby had this to say:

"There are nods in this attraction to other things we are doing around the world. In true Marvel fashion, hashtag it's all connected, there are nods to the Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong, there are nods to the Marvel Superhero Academy on the Disney Cruise Ship. It's all connected guys. So we encourage you to be good fans and go on the interwebs and find all the clues and connect it all. That's the fun, it's all part of the same universe. And we're just getting started."

avengers-hatch guardians of the galaxy mission breakout

So…what is this thing supposed to mean? I have not personally been on Mission: Breakout, as I live in Ohio. But, from what other people have been saying, it is quite the thrill, and Marvel fans should be more than happy to jump on.

Marvel's Ryan Penagos, or Agent M as we know him, rarely steers us towards things that mean nothing. It could be a simple nod to the other attractions listed above, especially since there are nods in the ride itself already, and Disney Imagineering has not kept it a secret that they want to build more Marvel-related rides in the park, as well. As Slashfilm points out, there are signs pointing to a possible Marvel Land coming to the park, not unlike the Star Wars Land coming in 2019. Apparently there was also an attempt to garner viral interest at the rides opening that went completely ignored.

So, maybe this is just nothing. Or maybe it's a sign that points to even more to come. For now, head over to Disneyland and see it for yourself.

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