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Saltire: Legend Eternal
It's also the home to Saltire, the smash comic book hit from DiamondSteel Comics, which is returning via Kickstarter with a brand-new 170-page standalone graphic novel from the creative team of John Ferguson (Saltire Immortal Guardian) with art by Toni Doya (Back to the Future) and Lydia Praamsma, colours by Rebecca Horner, lettering/production by Phillip Vaughan,[...]
Scottish Superhero's Controversy As Referendum Nears
Clare Ferguson of Diamondsteel Comics Limited writes, Last year saw the release of the independent Scottish superhero graphic novel, Saltire: Invasion, creating a real buzz around the comic industry and selling out in Scottish retailers Now the big, blue, ginger protagonist is back in Saltire: Annihilation Billed as an "epic", the sequel is causing much debate in[...]