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Will We Get A Captain Britain Spin-Off From X Of Swords? (Spoilers)
And at Bleeding Cool, we've especially been keeping our eye on the way, set up in Excalibur, that the crossover has revived Otherworld, Saturnyne, Captain Britain, Sir James Jaspers and The Fury, straight from the Captain Britain runs by Dave Thorpe, Alan Davis, Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Chris Claremont and others. Will We Get A Captain[...]
Six Matches Decided In This Week's X Of Swords Comics
Not big ones, but enough to give the flavour… last week's Marauders #14 ended rather suddenly with Wolverine doing something very bad to Her Royal Whyness, the Omniversal Majestrix, Opal Luna Saturnyne, in an attempt to prevent the tournament between the X-Men champions of Krakoa and the Apocalypse children champions of Arakko, taking place in[...]
Jim Jaspers Serves Up for The X-Men In Marauders #14
Wolverine  time! As Jude Terror put it in his inimitable style (why would anyone want to imitate it?) in recent issues of Excalibur, "Saturnyne wants Brian Braddock's sword, but he's obsessed with an amulet", renaming the book "Sexcalibur" in the process. Excalibur #13 artwork In a previous life, Brian Braddock's girlfriend was Courtney Ross, the 616-version of[...]
Jim Jaspers Serves Up for The X-Men In Marauders #14
Still, in for a penny, in for a pound. Marauders #14 artwork Preparing a feast for champions – and Saturnyne? Marauders #14 text. Looks like the mutants will be sipping squid piss in their first course As opposed to hobo's piss.  No wonder Wolverine is… sniffy. Marauders #14 artwork Or maybe he is driven to mark his own territory[...]
X Of Swords Stasis #1 Review: East of West With Mutants
Seriously, you find out more from the selection and cut screens on Street Fighter 2 than you do here. Then we have the posturing and pomp of the court of Saturnyne, who holds power over all of these (supposedly) relentlessly powerful people … but there's no real explanation why According to some of the best available[...]
X Of Swords Creation #1 Review: Slow Like Honey, Heavy With Mood
You can watch the inscrutable Saturnyne, all grace and composure, play a game far beyond the expectations of parents and children. This all sounds great, sure, but in practice, it is just that: a hot and heavy come on that doesn't connect, a secret war with "the fate of the world" in the balance that, of course,[...]
Saturnyne Returns to the  in Ezcalibue #9
A well to do young woman, she was attending the fictitious Thames University when she met and started to date Brian Braddock, not knowing his secret identity, but she soon found out. But when Captain Britain was rebooted by Dave Thorpe, Alan Davis and Alan Moore, Courtney Ross was dropped when Braddock met a parallel version of her, the[...]