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Hawkman Cancelled, No I Vampire Crossover With The Flash And A Frozen Scott Snyder
From the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, comes the  DC Comics panel, with Scott Lobdell, Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellatto and Josh Fialkov. During which we learned that Savage Hawkman is cancelled And that I Vampire was going to have a Flash crossover before it was cancelled. Audio on the way, hopefully we'll get more details[...]
Swipe File: X-Force And Savage Hawkman
Happier days... Greg Capullo on the left, Rob Liefeld on the right. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree.
Rob Liefeld Leaves DC Comics With The Zero Issues
Previously Rob Liefeld said that he would be leaving Grifter with issue 16, but that he's be staying on Savage Hawkman into 2013. Today, that all changed Rob Liefeld announced on Twitter than he would be gone after September's Zero issues And he made it very clear it was his decision to leave all three of[...]
DC's New 52 One Year On – Week Four
The Savage Hawkman began with a dark, deep, detailed mystery But no one seemed to like that, so it turned into something brasher, with broader brush strokes, and far less subtle to the extent that the Deadpool-alike Pike in this issue event starts explaining the plot halfway through their conflict And after the silly fight[...]
Rob Liefeld Leaves Grifter – Will January Bring The DC Fourth Wave?
Fun ride tho. He's staying on Deathstroke and Savage Hawkman… but I was told by DC sources that Rob was considered the last, best chance for these books and that if he left, they would be cancelled Will Grifter be cancelled with #16? With changes across the line perhaps? Grant Morrison is also leaving Action Comics with[...]
Rob Liefeld Planning On Leaving The New 52?
With the news ringing in the industry's ears that that Grant Morrison was planning to jump off Action Comics and Batman Inc next year, with plans for more creator owned comics work, and screenplays, Rob Liefeld, co-writer on Savage Hawkman, Grifter and writer/artist on Deathstroke for DC Comics tweeted; "I will be close behind." I've been told[...]
Joe Bennett On Savage Hawkman From Issue 9
Posting openly on Facebook he wrote that he would be moving to work on Savage Hawkman from issue 9 And he seemed rather keen; Going to HAWKMAN on issue # 09 on a couple of months…it´ll be agreat return to me after 8 years.Hawkman was my first DC book and back to it is a joy..Art[...]