Timeless: Revisit 11 Clockblocker-Approved Moments Before 'The Miracle of Christmas'

Clockblockers have made it their personal mission to spread "The Gospel of Timeless." NBC's thrilling and beloved time-travel dramedy repeatedly cheated death due to the fans' passionate outpouring of support. Extensive and expensive "#SaveTimeless" campaigns continue raising awareness for the show. Still, there are TV lovers out there who may not have heard of Timeless […]

Scoop: Veronica Fish Leaves Archie, "Name" Replacement To Be Sought At San Diego

  Industry sources tell me that regular Archie artist Veronica Fish is no longer the artist on the ongoing title written by Mark Waid. She will still create covers and similar illustrations for Archie Comics but will no longer be the title's penciller after Archie #10, out on July 27th Fish stepped in as the regular […]

The 15th Rumour Awards 2015 – Scoop Of The Year

I was 28 when I decided that an annual look back at the rumours and scoops of the year would be a good thing 15 years later, that's still to be determined But here we go again with a self congratulatory pat on the back Mostly.But feel free to catch up with previous years by clicking on all these[...]

SCOOP: Disney's Frozen Is An Animated Version Of The Snow Queen

Reports are bobbing around the internet that Pixar's Untitled Dinosaur film has been titled Frozen. Well, it hasn't. The confusion comes from the fact that Frozen has been given the date previously earmarked for the Dinosaur film – November 27th, 2013. That project has now been shunted aside though it will, I'm sure, will find […]

We've Got The Scoop On Hatchet 3 And A New Found Footage Slasher Reboot

While I'm defending the home front here at Bleeding Cool, Brendon is off watching horror movies and interviewing the stars at FrightFest in London. Not that I'm bitter or anything. In between watching the latest flicks out on the horror circuit, Brendon stopped by for a chat with filmmaker Adam Green, who is best known […]

SCOOP: Damon Lindelof Confirms Provenance Of This Prometheus Image (Sort Of)

I saw an image at Dark Horizons while waiting for the Prometheus press conference here at Comic-Con. They could not confirm it, but they said that the pic was rumoured to be the first image from Ridley Scott's Alien bed-fellow. At the end of the conference, I stole a few words with Damon Lindelof and […]

SCOOP: First Look At Jim Henson's A Tale Of Sand

and then, just a few short minutes later, this picture was sitting in my inbox:Rich tells me that the image is a SCOOP I'm telling you that if you click through, you can make it a whole lot bigger.The book is to be published by Archaia When I first caught wind of it, I got[...]