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Harbinger, Bloodshot & The Scumbag- More Creators With Payment Issues
He tweeted out a screencap of an article from Bleeding Cool that reported The Scumbag #1 by Rick Remender and LaRosa, published by Image Comics last year, as Rick Remender's biggest creator-owned launch ever He positioned this next to a screencap showing LaRosa had been blocked on Twitter by Remender And LaRosa's reply to Brett, "I[...]
Roland Boschi Draws Rick Remender's Scumbag For 'GoldenBrownEye'
There's no issue of Rick Remender's gross-tastic espionage thriller The Scumbag listed in Image Comics' September 2021 solicitations, but we may have had a peek at what is to follow with a new story arc to follow the current Moonflower starting in The Scumbag #10 in October 2021 And if you liked Black Widow's recent[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
The Scumbag, Rick Remender's new series from Image Comics, is a gross-out superhero (kinda) satirical comic that imbues a nasty, soiled-pantsed drug addict with the power to save the world While Remender writes the whole thing, each issue is set to feature a different artist. The Scumbag #2 is drawn by Andrew Robinson, colored by Moreno Dinisio, and lettered[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 Review:
The Scumbag #1 puts its tagline right under the logo, so readers know what they're getting "The world's fate rests with the worst person on it." Worst seems like a lot to live up to for this new book's lead character by writer Rick Remender, artist Lewis LaRosa, colorist Moreno Dinisio, letterer Rus Wooton, and designer Erika Schnatz[...]
Venom, Scumbag, Spider-Woman and Juggernaut Top Advance Reorders
Scumbag challenges Venom for the top Advance Reorders spot, and it is likely that Something Is Killing The Children would have been high on the list if its various covers were combined… Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale[...]
The Scumbag is Rick REmender;s
But with orders around 70,000 of The Scumbag #1 at Image Comics, he'll earn a lot more from this comic than that one, as it is creator-owned. Because, yes, it urns out that Ernie Ray Clementine's tooth isn't the only gold out of The Scumbag by Remender, Moreno DiNisio and Lewis LaRosa. We've just learned that Rick[...]
Image Comics Tell Retailers That The Scumbag is The New Deadpool
And it's a way for Image Comics' marketing team to tag the upcoming launch of The Scumbag, a new comic book series written by Rick Remender – who used to write Deadpool as well, in the Uncanny X-Force title In a mailing to retailers headlined "Rick Remender's The Scumbag Delivers Deadpool Fans a Cheeky, Irreverent[...]
The Scumbag Gets Covers From Eric Powell, Moreno Dinisio, Dave Guertin
Image Comics' golden boy Rick Remender has been awfully quiet lately it seems… but we suspect he's been busy courting the best artists in the business with a scheme to rollout what may be his biggest hit yet in Image's upcoming The Scumbag We're promised a cheeky humour book like Deadpool about an unlikely (unqualified)[...]