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the gifted
Set in Marvel's X-Men universe, the adventure-drama series stars Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Sean Teale, Jamie Chung, Emma Dumont, Blair Redford and Coby Bell. The Gifted has produced solid ratings for Fox, with the series averaging a 1.0 rating and 3.3 million viewers per episode in Live+ numbers; and averaging a 2.0[...]
Is Fox's X-Men Show Using Age of X As Source Material?
Eclipse is in the X-Men TV show, played by Sean Teale. It is of note that Eclipse in the TV show is not named Roberto DeCosta, but Marcos Diaz This could mean that he's meant to be a new character but using that particular codename or Marcos Diaz is a misdirect However, I'm looking to the[...]
Incorporated Star Jumps To Untitled X-Men Pilot After Series Cancelled
It didn't take Sean Teale long to find work after Syfy pulled the plug on Incorporated. Teale will be joining the Bryan Singer / Matt Nix untitled X-Men pilot for Fox as the lead opposite of last night's announced Stephen Moyer The actor will be playing a brand new mutant named Eclipse who has the power[...]
The Incorporated World Of 2074 Is Crazy
Syfy has released this behind the scenes look at the new series Incorporated and gives us an idea of what the world is like in 2074. Corporations run everything, there is a violent area for the poor called the red zone… but there's still bacon so the world can't be that bad. Incorporated stars Sean Teale, Allison[...]
Watch Syfy's Incorporated Pilot Right Now
The new series from executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is the story about a man (Sean Teale) trying to thwart a giant corporation to find his lost love, all in 2074 when corporations rule everything  You can watch the first episode tomorrow night… or you can just watch it now Syfy has released[...]