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Merlins Coming Back For Season 5 So Theres A New Trailer

Merlin's Coming Back For Season 5, So There's A New Trailer

Why has Merlin run and run where Robin Hood, for example, did not? I don't really feel any huge qualitative difference between the shows. Maybe it's just dumb luck. Or perhaps I'd need to watch more than one and a half episodes of each. Any experts out there? Here's the promo for the imminent fifth […]

VIDEO: Doctor Who Clip From 5.6 Vampires In Venice

VIDEO: Doctor Who Clip From 5.6! Vampires In Venice!

And it all goes a bit Twilighty on our collective arses.And since you're in the mood, why not enjoy the extended version of the series 5 trailer...And Matt Smith is showing off the new sonic screwdriver and talking about the new TARDIS designs with Jonathan.There, that should do it Doctor Who starts in the UK[...]