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Best Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays
When you're stuck surrounded by familiar faces, having the ability to virtually tour a foreign country by train is a nice helping of wishfulfillment. Settlers of Catan is the board game for families that have patience, enjoy strategy, and just might like to repurpose sheep Its ideal for an older crowd, as it gets a bit[...]
Remember when Battleship got turned into a movie and we all made jokes about the next board game to get the order was going to be something silly like Jenga? Well, it would appear Sony is going in a different direction, and has made an offer for film rights to Settlers of Catan. Oddly enough, back[...]
New Settlers of Catan Edition Announced By Mayfair Games
By Christopher Helton   In what will definitely be a big announcement for fans of board games, Mayfair Games announced at the GAMA Trade Show that they will be making a new edition of the popular Settlers of Catan game. Coming in 2015, The Settlers of Catan® along with all of its expansions and 5-6 player extensions will be moving[...]