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'Street Fighter V' Players Showing Why Akuma Is Now The Worst Character
#Necalli #Akuma #Gouki #SFV pic.twitter.com/eKoj0obXDs — Frame Data V (@FrameDataV) March 24, 2017 While the new update for the CFN is going on and players are getting a new taste for Street Fighter V for free this week, a few people are taking to social media to prove one of the biggest and over-hyped characters of[...]
Kolin Brings Some Nostalgia Into Street Fighter V's Second Season
She's had appearances in SFV, primarily in Charlie Nash's storyline as she helps him find his purpose after being resurrected.   credit//Capcom   Now we get to see what the Russian can do, and by the looks of the trailer, they didn't nerf her skills or make her just another woman character to fill a slot[...]