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Comic Con Banner - The Walking Dead - Season 1 - Photo Credit: Matthew Welch / AMC
Here's a look at the trailer and schedule for this Sunday's marathon, followed by a look at Skybound's breakdown of all the "essentials" you need to know about or should've picked up on during the first season:  Season 1 Episode 1: "Days Gone Bye" (6:00 pm ET): Rick searches for his family after emerging from a[...]
Who Is Shane? (Image: AMC)
That said if you're asking us, "Who Is Shane" like we're getting this week? Our answer would be, "roadkill." Too harsh? Maybe, but it's also a compliment to Jon Bernthal's performance that he was able to take the character along the devolving storyline arc that was laid out for him Here's a look at the[...]
Is Jon Bernthal Returning to The Walking Dead for Andrew Lincoln's Season 9 Exit?
Credit: AMC With AMC continuing to not officially confirm what has become one of the worst-kept secrets in major series casting change history, several media sites are reporting (with The Hollywood Reporter confirming) that Punisher star Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as Shane Walsh for The Walking Dead's ninth season. Bernthal's appearance comes at a time when[...]
'The Walking Dead' Trolls 'The Punisher' Over Absentee Dad Shane
Just because your character was killed by your best friend and then topped off by his best friend's son once you flipped to zombie mode doesn't mean you can't let bygones be bygones, right? I mean, in Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl Grimes's (Chandler Riggs) defense, Shane (Jon Bernthal) kinda had it coming[...]
'The L Word': Showtime Developing Sequel To Groundbreaking Series
Jennifer Beals (Bette), Kate Moennig (Shane), and Leisha Hailey (Alice) will reprise their roles if the series is picked-up (though other potential returns are still possible), and will also serve as the show's executive producers According to Buzzfeed, The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken will also executive produce, but will not be able to have[...]
An Alternate Storyline For The Walking Dead?
He talked about landing his role as Shane Walsh, stating he had never read the comic before he got the part He had six screen tests, and at the time, he had long hair hanging down to his shoulders, which almost cost him the part When he finally landed the role, Jon picked up copies[...]
Robert Kirkman Considering A Walking Dead Volume Zero Graphic Novel
Accroding to the TV Guide, Robert Kirkman is considering writing a Walking Dead graphic novel, Volume Zero, that would show just how the two character Lori and Shane went from grieving friends to lovers. Expect any such volume to remain at the top of the bestseller lists for quite some time. Accroding to the TV Guide,[...]