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Seeing Sharon Moody's Work For Myself by Scott Edelman
Scott Edelman writes for Bleeding Cool; I headed to Manhattan Saturday for a visit to the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery so I could see for myself those Sharon Moody paintings which had so ticked me off three weeks ago Would experiencing the real-world art hung on a gallery wall, as opposed to seeing them diminished into relatively[...]
In Defense Of Sharon Moody
Dean Butters writes for Bleeding Cool; In defense of appropriation and Sharon Moody (who I have never met or even heard of until the article on Bleeding Cool) When I first read Scott Edelman's article about Sharon Moody's work, I was disappointed While undeniably passionate about comics, Edelman seemed oblivious to the history of appropriation art, and[...]
Sunday Trending Topics: Mjolnir, To Thy Master
Based on the title alone, Stan Lee ought to be annoyed about at least one of these Sharon Moody pieces too, I think That aside, I've heard it said that if Roy Lichtenstein had done his thing in recent times, he'd have been figuratively atomized by lawsuits Perhaps we'll see that theory put to the[...]
Sharon Moody – A Roy Lichtenstein For Our Times
It's the work of an artist named Sharon Moody, and Kirby's name was nowhere to be seen I investigated a little further, and discovered other similar paintings. Here's another. This one's by by Sal Buscema, right? Wrong again It's also credited to Sharon Moody, and unless you're familiar with comics, you'd have no idea that every line[...]