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mickey mouse charcoal mask target

Nerd Beauty: This Mickey Mouse Charcoal Face Mask Is Legit

Oh, I am a sucker for Target and Mickey Mouse. Currently Target has a pretty swell Mickey Mouse line, which includes clothing, accessories, home goods, beauty, and just about anything else they can slap the mouse on. Disney is a marketing machine, and I'm always willing to fork over my money — especially for unique […]

homer simpson sheet mask

D'oh! This Homer Simpson Sheet Mask is What Nightmares Are Made Of

As you may have noticed, I've developed an intense love for The Face Shop's products. The Korean beauty line has wooed me with its delicate skin care and cosmetics, which have done a great job in taking care of my winter-weathered skin. I also love their The Simpsons skin care line. The sheet masks have […]

Rose of Versailles sheet mask

This Rose of Versailles Sheet Mask is Ideal for Winter Skin

Career Beauty has been making The Rose of Versailles-themed cosmetics for some time now. From mascara to sheet masks, they've used this property well. The packaging on each item is beautiful, thanks to Riyoko Ikeda's stunning artwork. I picked this up at my local Mitsuwa Market, but you can find them online. The average price […]

hello kitty sheet mask

Nerd Beauty: The Horrifying (Yet Hydrating) Hello Kitty Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are all the rage in the beauty world right now. The easy-to-use masks offer immediate hydration to dry skin, which is especially great for these dry, winter days! Most of the ones I get are just plain white, but when I saw this Hello Kitty Narikiri ("to turn completely into") one at my […]